ICNU 2016 Presentations

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

First of all we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your kind collaboration and your attendance to the 2nd International Congress of Nephrology and Urology. Undoubtedly, without your participation and supports, we would not be able to hold such a magnificent congress.

Then, we would like to inform you that the lectures slides are now acceptable. You can easily get access to each subject by clicking the PDF option in fron of each title.

In the case of any question, do not hesitate to contact us at info@icnu.ir.

Best regards,
Behzad Einollahi
Head of the 2nd International Congress of Nephrology and Urology


First Day
Predictors of allograft function: Ahmadpoor, IRAN
AMR, Diagnosis and potential therapies: Rostaing, FRANCE
An overview of HLA antibody detection technics and donor specific antibody significance: Malvezzi, ITALY
Critical role of HLA typing and immunomonitoring in successful transplantation: Kermani, USA
Membranes and its effect on dialysis adequacy
Where do we stand in 2016? Rostaing, France
Anti-HLA antibodies in Kidney Transplantation: Shakiba IRAN
Fluids and electrolytes: Moradian, IRAN
Acid-base disorders in dialysis patients: Vahedian, IRAN
Dialysis adequacy: Tayebi, IRAN
Hemodialysis Membranes: Tabkhi, IRAN
Diagnostic tools and Challenges: Dr. Arash Abbasi
Decision making for management: Dr. Amir Hassan Mahboubi
Surgical techniques Dr.Mohammad Ghohestani -
Hypotension: Soliemani, IRAN
Bone metabolism disorders: Nemati, IRAN
Hypertension: Ghadiani, IRAN
World Kidney Day: Dr.Beiraghdar, IRAN
Second Day
Podocyte Biology and clinical applications: Ahmadi, IRAN
Update on treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy: Argani, IRAN
Update on treatment of ANCA associated GN: Samadian, IRAN
Update on treatment of Membranous nephropathy: Pourrezagholi, IRAN
Spanish model of kidney transplantation: Campistol SPAIN
mTOR Inhibitors in clinical practice: Campistol, SPAIN
mTOR inhibitors and post-transplant viral diseases: Rostaing, FRANCE
mTOR inhibitors and cardiovascular and neoplastic issues: Malvezzi, ITALY
Nursing Work shop (ATF)
New Dialysis Devices
Genetics in Nephrology: Dr.SaeidMorovvati
The time of initiation of dialysis: Dr. Einollahi
Kidney transplantation: Dr. Pourfarziani
Vascular access: Ahmadian
Pregnancy in women on dialysis: Nehrir, IRAN+
Anatomy: The Renal System: Panahi, IRAN
ICU patients: Afshar, IRAN
AKI: Einollahi, IRAN
Third Day
CKD and hepatitis C: Mohamed Hani Hafez, Egypt
New roles of Intervention in nephrology: Dallili, IRAN
Hemodialysis adequacy; KT/V and beyond: Najafi, IRAN
Conservative management vs. dialysis in the elderly patient with stage 5 CKD: Abasi, IRAN -
CKD/MBD: Mohamed Hani Hafez, Egypt
Update on pathogenesis of AKI: Sabaghian, IRAN
Risk prediction models of AKI: Haghverdi, IRAN
Management of Cardio renal syndrome: Tabiban, IRAN

-Online clearance monitoring (OCM)

-Hemodiafilteration (HDF)

Genetic Analysis in Polycystic Kidney Diseases (PKD): ADPKD, ARPKD: Mohammad Keramatipour
Dialysis adequacy and patient outcome: Aly Elkhodi​ry, Germany
How to deliver physiological dialysis for a better patient outcome: Aly Elkhodi​ry, Germany -
Cardiovascular risk of Dialysis patients and volume overload: Aly Elkhodi​ry, Germany
Hyperlipidemia: Dr.Ahmadi, IRAN
Vaccinations: Joneidi, IRAN
Anticoagulants: Rahimzadeh, IRAN
Prevention of intravascular catheter-related infections: Izadi, IRAN
Fourth day
Biomarkers in renal Transplantation: Nafar, IRAN
Factors affecting bioavailability of immunosuppressive drugs: Massri, Lebanon -
Biomarkers in IgA nephropathy: Samavat, IRAN
Biomarkers in Focal segmental Glomerulosclerosis: Kalantari, IRAN
Stem cell therapy: a bridge to transplantation: Marwan Masri, LEBANON -
Fluid therapy in critically ill patients: Nasiri, IRAN
Novelties in treatment Of sepsis: Darvishi, IRAN
Dialysis in critically ill patients. What matters? Shahidi, IRAN



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